About Us

Water Gate Shipping Services L.L.C operates from the world’s most happening place –Dubai. With more than 20 years of shipping experience, we at Water Gate are well familiar with the trends and vibrations of this market, the customs formalities and the port requirements. A thorough knowledge of the import and export requirements of our clients has won us a well spread client base. Our clientele crosses boarders and is from all nationalities; We talk only one language to them, which is of trust and personalized service. It’s a borderless logistics for us. Dubai being a fast developing logistics hub in the Middle East, the scope of providing logistics solutions with experienced hands is of high demand. This prompted us to establish Water Gate, where a complete logistics solution is provided to our present and also our future customers in mind. The world is getting smaller between people and faster in connectivity. In this fast moving world, we at Water Gate is fully geared to take up the challenge to support the growth of this region. During the recent times cargo shipping has been experiencing the most challenging phases with slumps in major world economies.  In these turbulent days, getting connected to the right logistics partner will only steer your business ahead to success. We at Water Gate is well established in UAE for nearly two decades and is associated with the shipping fraternity in the middle east and the subcontinent. With our expertise we can ensure that your logistics needs are met, no matter it’s a small LCL shipment or up to chartering a vessel for your business. It’s trust that binds people for life and of course trust needs to be tested for the permanent sealing between us and the merchant. Trust us, Water Gate today has many satisfied customers and for them logistics means “Water Gate” without a second thought. We pursue business development with 3 core values close to our heart; Truth, Trust and Honesty. It’s the personal relation with our customers than business, we have with them. Once a customer, he is our business partner for life. Anything and everything related to shipping and logistics, Water Gate is there to give you a solution, tailor made to suit your specific requirement. Along with FCL and LCL shipments we also take care of the packaging, warehousing, and transportation requirements of our clients. We also handle dry and reefer cargo, out of gauge cargo and break bulk shipments as per the shipper’s requirements; Its logistics simplified with Water Gate.

Effective handling of cargo destined to CIS is what sets us apart. Our professional hands take care of the shipments from Dubai to Bandar Abbas by sea and thereafter to the final CIS destination by rail or by road. Our road transportation network spreads throughout CIS and as far as Kabul in Afghanistan. Delivering our client’s cargo at the final destinations of CIS and Afghanistan on time and in time is our top agenda. Iraq is another area we are specialized in. We are mastered in handling shipments worldwide to Iraq. Having done lot of shipments to Iraq we are well acquainted with the port and customs formalities in Iraq. Above all we are well connected to the port as well as the shipping trade in Umm Qasr, Basrah and Baghdad. With our experience we can guide our clients with the pros and cons while shipping to Iraq. We take pride to be a part of the re-building of Iraq. Needless to say about our market knowledge about Pakistan & India. We are well established in Karachi and Bombay. We have partners and offices in almost all ICDs in India. North to south and East to West, anywhere and everywhere in India we can deliver your shipments with utmost care and satisfaction. Any merchant can do business with us in ease between Gulf and the subcontinent as we know the in and out of this market. Not boasting but humbly putting confidence to our clients.